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If I would get as much money as Seti has become from Paul Allen I would develop and build a hugher and much more complex Antenna than the primitive ones that Seti uses. I donīt think that Seti will find some interessting Data steam, because they use much to primitive Antennas. My Antenna would produce a much bigger Terabyte / second datastream and need much more superfast microchips for data analysis to find data arrays or an even higher Number TeraFlops to find encrypted Videostreams and time-shifted error-correcting Datastreams with maybee other encoding than the original encoded data stream. Or maybee the decoding does need to change every millisecond by the use of a complexe fractale. I do not search for Extraterrestric Intelligence with Antennas (- why should I ?) but I like to do reseach for a funktional Antenna to receive Datastreams from some Extraterrestric Aliens.


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http://www.paulallen.com/ Homepage of Paul Allen
http://www.seti.org/ S.E.T.I. Homepage - Allen Telescope Array, ...
http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/20210.wss page over IBMīs Cell Broadband Engine Based Supercomputer

I like the Video - at the start theire is a Concord and a verry slow flighing something and a slow flying UFO (white stribe):


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