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making things from energy - teamachine

What is the difference between Cooper or Aluminium ? They are both build from the same Particels. If You reasamble Atoms and put them together what is telling them what they should become ? The Anser is in the subatomar particles or waves. They decide if you will get cheap Aluminium or expensive Gold or a Cup of Cofé. I just know how to put Electrons through a wire but maybee other people (- liveforms) put positrons and other particles in wires. If you can do so and if you find out which modifications are causing the elements you want you can build your own teamachine or cafémachine. Maybee this makes you thinking about why the goldmines on the island where Gold for the pharaos was found were so near the surface. They can bring up Gold with theire Hands. Theire are a lot of only a few meter deep holes near the surface. Am I happy that I musen´t pay the costs for the power wich was needed for the modification. - I don´t think the Gold has been theire bevore. Maybee the price for the energy here is higher than the price for the gold. But maybee it was cheaper than flying with the hughe motership to the homeplanet of the pharaoh and get some from theire.


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